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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
I used Nettodat coding using NCS for Dummies



custom value is 5A



custom value is 5A

Here are the steps required: Again you should be pretty experienced in coding..

-Code using NCSexpert like you normally would and when the Nettodat file pops up, close it out and make a note of the FRM module that is on your car..
-Load up NCS for Dummies
-Load E89 chassis daten folder
-Look up the module that your car has within that e89 daten
-Load the Nettodat.trc file in the NCSexpert Work folder
-Then the trace editor will pop up at the top of NCS for dummies if you have correctly matched the module and the trc file..Once it reads the entire module..
-Look for the script above that pertains to your module on your car
-Right click on the script line I posted above for your module on your car
-There will be a new custom line, click on it and now in green there is a new entry at the bottom of the script line your on it and at the bottom change the value to 5A
-After changing it make sure arrow is checked on the new custom value
-Export trace file to ( it will state there is already the same file copy over it..yes)
-Go back into ncsexpert and hit basic functions...use CoapiCodeSgNettodat
-It will then have a box pop up with your module your coding at the top and the bottom part you need to
-Enter and hit return (make sure ignition is on because as soon as you hit return because coding will begin immediately after hitting return)

Coding will commence and you will see your lighting module reset itself, and then NCSexpert will return back to the page before you went to NCS for dummies...Close out the ncsexpert at this point. Congrats you coded your mirror
to show the curb and the rear passenger tire and basically did what BMW should have done in the first place to make this functionality USEFUL!

Make sure after you close out the NCSexpert to clear your man file or your next coding experience you will run into errors..
THANK YOU cn555ic for posting this! I noticed this issue last week and used this DIY to tilt mine further as well. I felt 5A was to steep an angle (maybe better for coupes since wheels might be closer to the mirror?) and coded in custom value 43 and I think it's perfect for my sedan.