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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post

People have different priorities. While full of plastic, it's far from "garbage" and most cars with really stiff suspension setups will develop rattles exentually. I dated a girl for a few years who drove an STi during the time I had my Lotus. It was funny because nobody EVER complained that my Exige interior was shitty but always commented on the quality, or lack thereof, in the Subi. The STi was like a Maybach in terms of interior quality compared to the Lotus.

If you want a nice interior, by all means stick to a BMW, but if that is not your main focus then getting the STi is a no brainer. They are great cars for what they are and they don't claim to be anything more or less than that. They're certainly more reliable than the X35i models of late.
question for you ---- how do you like your S4. In terms of reliability how is it? My 335 was awful and i traded it in for a jetta and a peace of mind. I have been toying with getting a performance german car for a while now (the itch never dies), but am too afraid to pull the plug after my disastrous experience with the 335. Any comments would be helpful.
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