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Need advice re Koni FSDs please!

Hi all,

I have an '09 335i sedan with sport package, and the rough ride over city streets is starting to get to me. I think an upgrade to Koni FSD shocks might be the answer to my problems, but need some advice. Here are my questions:

1) How much should installation of a set of FSDs cost? I've read a couple threads saying that it shouldn't be more than $300, but my local shop just quoted me 4-7 hours at $140/hr (not including an alignment after).

2) Can someone recommend a good shop in the SF Bay Area that could handle this at a reasonable price?

3) Will there be any demand for my old sport dampers? They'll have less than 30k miles on them. What should I ask for them?

4) I plan on keeping my sport springs on the car. Is that ok? Will I need to shorten the bump stops, and if so, will that increase the risk of the wheel contacting the wheel well?

Sorry for all the questions, but I know nothing about this stuff. Grateful for any advice you guys can provide. Thanks!
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