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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I quite like it. I put an AWE exhaust on it and it sounds like a monster. The MMI version that I have is terrible but I understand the newer iterations are much better. My only complaint is that it feels like the clutch is starting to go at 39k. I'm NOT happy about that little problem since I bought the car CPO less than six months ago. The drive select and sport diff options are really nice to have as well. My tuned 135i was MUCH faster but with a baby on the way, the coupe wasn't cutting it.
But no major gremlins correct? Just as a point of reference, the 335 had the following problems

1.) 4 fuel pumps
2.) break squeal
3.) wing mirror motor
4.) washer fluid motor

so on and so forth

Also OP; this is a good choice. You can't complain about making such a solid choice. Sometimes I feel that people are under the illusion that expensive = better; the truth cannot be further from that. I suppose it has to do with low self esteem, but do let us know how the scooby feels in terms of drivability and fun factor. BTW; are you getting the hatch or sedan (assuming its the current gen)
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