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I can add some more...

I think (I'm not sure), that earlier models have a holdsystem that don't release the brakes when "action" is applied. (Only after some tens of a second, a time-interval...)
So if one is to early out with the clutch one will choke/strangle the engine. (It will stop, and I do not know the right english word... )

Newer models releases the brakes automatically when one release the clutch and starts to move, but I have experienced some inertia and let the car roll a couple of inches back so I'm sure the brakes are completely released before I go.
They don't hold on flat road, only when road is sloping...

Anyone who knows more about the system?

I'm considering to try to disable it if it can be done from the computer at the BMW-dealers workshop.

And I totally agree with Bigbanana that manually geared cars are much more kind to the brakes due to engine braking, but E90 have, even on the 6-speed auto, good electronics to manage their automatic boxes in cooperation with the engine and they will not tear on the clutches, as when you change to shift it manual and take it down a gear it will give the engine a blip to up the rpm to fit the next gear.
My stepmother has a -06 320dMa, and it works perfect.
Saves brakes big time.

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