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Helix DSP and HiFi HU

I have a BMW E91 2006 with HiFi option. I am looking for a DSP and checked out the P-DSP from Helix. I like the user interface but the problem is that P-DSP doesn’t support differential balanced inputs (only high level inputs with fixed 10v sensitivity).

Now Helix has released the next model which has differential high and low level inputs.
The input sensitivity could be changed on the high level input.
The input sensitivity for the low level input is 4V and the impedance is 5kOhm.
4V is a little bit too low for the HiFi HU which outputs 5V.
The high level input impedance is only 30Ohm which would require the HU to deliver 170mA/channel.
Would my HU manage to deliver this?

Any help is very appreciated.