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Originally Posted by Ryan Leonardo View Post
Don't be naive.... Only thing subaru provided was the engine..

Everyone is saying subaru built the chassis , I don't think that's true.

Toyota's don't get too much love but lately THEY CAN BUILD CARS, look at the LFA and new GS F sport....

Much to the perception of Mercedes gettin bashed here but thier recent cars are more drivers cars than BMW's, some people just can't comprehend that , a lot of bimmers are soft now, but since it's a BMW forum they can do wrong lol
You don't think thats true, go look at the suspension of the fr-s and impreza, they share a lot of parts. The car does not have a true double wishbone. The body panels are all made by subaru, the interior is pure crap regardless of who makes it, and my point is its not a drivers car to people who have experienced real 80's/90's sports cars i.e.: 930, rx7, r32gtr.

I'm not saying toyota didnt "build" the car - this is my point:
with the supra toyota over engineered the car and had to sell it at a high price and look what happened, it held its value.
In this case, toyota spent that same engineering money on MARKETING!
Sadly, it worked. People care more about what other people perceive to be cool vs what really matters. You want a "drivers car" go drive an rx7 or a porsche 911. The fr-s is the next 240sx and for 25,000$ its a ripoff.

To make it more simple actually go to your scion dealership, open and close the door/hood/trunk of the tC (built by toyota) and go do the same on the fr-s.