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2006/2007 BMW 325i E92: What should I be considering?

Hi everyone! As my username suggests, Iím new to the forums and BMWs in general. Iím in the market for a 2006 / 2007 325i E92 Automatic and was hoping to get some advice and insight. Apologies first and foremost if Iím asking (stupid) questions that have already been answered elsewhere - Iíve had a look at chichihiboís thread on the same topic but was hoping you guys will be kind enough to answer my specific questions

Why 325i instead of 335i? Other than price and preference for lower km, it just comes down to the fact that Iím looking for something to cruise around in rather than a proper performance car. This is my entry into the euro market and as a young guy in his 20s, I figure buying a 325i first up leaves something to look forward to! Iíve test driven one and it has ample power for my needs...although I know that might change!

Here goes...

1. What should I specifically look out for when Iím inspecting cars in my range? Iíve begun reading up on known issues but was thinking there might be some telltale signs that I should keep an eye out for.

2. My understanding is that these BMWís tell you when they need to be serviced but people in the know do oil changes more frequently. With a used car with anywhere between 50k - 80k km, would I be able to use the fact that it may be ďcloseĒ to a service interval in order to negotiate on price?

3. 2006 vs 2007 - how much extra would you spend on a newer model if all else was equal? Iím planning to keep the car for at least five years. Ideal price is low to mid 30s.

4. The 07 model Iíve test-driven was on 19Ēs and had the M-sports suspension and sports seats. Please donít hate me for saying this but I didnít find the ride uncomfortable or anything but I did find the steering to be quite heavy / stiff (which is something that bugs me about my Civic and canít be justified as unlike this Bimmer, it doesnít provide for a nice drive). However, Iím sure Iíll grow to love this - and Iím sure itís something car enthusiasts love - but am I right in assuming this is mostly a product of the large rims? Iím going to test drive one with 17Ēs just for comparisonís sake. The other thing that has made me consider is the relative difference in price between tyres for 19Ēs and tyres for 17Ēs...although 19Ēs obviously look sickk.

5. How easy is it to upgrade the navigation? Just searching up on it right now but thought Iíd throw that question in there as it might be more difficult to upgrade a 06 / 07 model. I see a fair few posts about ďcodingĒ etc. to make changes to the iDrive system

6. What are the checks I should do on this car other than a PPI (SouthernBM or Active Motorwerke, thanks Stuart for the recs), PPSR check and ensuring itís not a repaired write-off?

7. Allianz Extended Warranty - this seems to be the universally preferred warranty. Should I get it and what should I budget in for it i.e. whatís a fair price?

Sorry for the long thread and thanks in advance for putting up with my newbie questions . Thank you!