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Originally Posted by apjames View Post
I've had my 2009 E92 in for MOT at BMW today and it failed on a cracked nearside rear 19 inch 225 (mv4?) alloy.

It's out of warranty and I've had it 3 years bought as an approved used from a different dealer.

I quoted the Watchdog and Internet articles and it was replaced free of charge. Despite the Watchdog article saying the 'run out' tests were not done anymore, mine was tested but luckily passed.

Dealer confirmed the replacement alloy is redesigned and stronger than the old one.

Just my experience to keep the thread alive and hopes up for those finding themselves in the same unfortunate position.
I've mentioned the run out test still being done a few times on here - I'd really like BMW to explain why they are still doing it when they said quite clearly it would be scrapped in favour of a quick visual inspection