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I've tried turning DTC off, but it's still there. Plus it's a little irritating that you have to turn off traction control just to try and take off normally. I've owned several "drive by wire" cars and this is the only one I've had with this issue. Former IS350 had it at first, but after ECU adapted it went away. Only came back after resets, then it would go away. Current Infiniti FX, no issues with it. Didn't know if this issue would go away like it did on my Lexus.

Maybe I'm not describing it correctly, but it's not like throttle modulation for a smooth takeoff. It's more like for 1/2 a second, nothing happens then the car goes. It makes for a very jerky takeoff sometimes if you try to give it more gas to compensate. If I floor it, there is no delay.