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Originally Posted by NolaKojo View Post
good deal, appreciate it.

I hate asking this, because every car is different, and I've searched/read plenty of threads on here about reliability, but this would be my first time venturing into BMWs....any of you guys riding around without a warranty? or would you say it's a must/pays itself in terms of saving on long term costs of little break downs here and there. Granted I'm not looking to get a 335 or anything and it seems the 328/330 is a little more hassle free just cause it has less things to worry about...

Also, how's the bmw community in the local area? you guys get together from time to time, have tech days, things like that?
Agree with IBoost

Unless youre a do it yourself type guy like our very own Handy Manny which could save you a lot of labor costs.

Every Wednesday night theres a meet Nola, and theres groups and events that you can keep busy with.

Speaking of the meet, always fun meeting up with the guys. Had fun last night looking forward to next week fellas