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Sudden decrease in power steering at low speeds

Hi folks,

Car: '09 328xi
Hoping to pick the more informed brains here on the boards. I swapped over to an msport wheel two weeks ago from a non-sport wheel, and while the steering feel was a touch heavier, that was to be expected.

Fast forward 2 weeks of problem-free driving. I pulled off the highway after about an hour of cruising, and right as I continue onto the sidestreets, the steering feels like it's lacking power steering at slow speeds.

It gets better as the car gets going, but parking lot maneuvering is super stiff at times, but it's not consistently heavy. Stopped at a light, it is still possible to turn with one hand/1-finger, but making lefts/rights at lights, u-turns/3-point turns is a lot harder than before..again, happens MOST of the time, but not 100% every time.

Any chance it's something to do with installing the new steering wheel?--I can only think of the single 16mm nut affecting the steering feel, and while I didn't tighten with a torque wrench, I didn't exactly CRANK on it either.

No error codes other than one for my rear lights being out. (Though the BC-stalk "Check" menu has no codes when I scroll through)..

I took a look at the power-steering reservoir, and it may be a bit low? (I see 2 lines, it's at or below the lower one--and the fluid level is much less than the reservoir-capacity under the hood. Also seems to have been leaking through the cap of all places...

Any tips for other things to look out for or advice would be greatly appreciated. Did a few searches, and it seems like there may also be a steering angle sensor/active steering components to check.


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