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Just thought i would update this thread

since putting my advert up about 2 or 3 weeks ago i've had 4 enquires. 3 of them all wanting to swap numbers and, 2 of them i actually did, and none of them actually called when the said they were going to.

1 was purely via email and he wanted to come to look at the car from Aberdeen then decided he didnt have enough time.

People seem to feed you plenty of bollocks, say how very interested they are then dont follow through.

I've had at least 3 scam requests too. It is actually quite worrying how many there are. 1 of them had my eBay listing removed! So i had to re-list. Had another chancer scammer email me from AT last night. This penis has been selling items from the Shetland Islands, Norfolk, Wales and Tyneside. What a nob.

So bit of a minefield and the 335d prices, interesting... It's quite clear that bigger engined cars aren't the flavour of the month/year/decade. I got my XFR for a good price. c63 and m3's are the same. I've been watching AT for all of these cars and really not much is shifting at all. I'm confident it will go, i can see it's just a matter of another few weeks maybe. Not desperate to sell fortunately.