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Originally Posted by IlovemyE46 View Post
CIC install is relatively simple upgrade, so tghis post is to confirm the accessories i plan to purchase with it and confirm compatibility,

so here goes

1./ is the iPod/iPhone Video out compatible with the iPhone 4 as well as the "S" model.

i plan to purchase a cheap 64gb phones to keep all my media on,

2./ Has anybody permanently installed a iPhone into there cars? i hope to you the hotspot functionality to keep other devices online. PSP's iPod touches ect.

3./ car cradle? my car currently has

Would one of the iPhone 4 car cradle kits work leaving the usb aux free for an additional device, and could 2 devices provide iPhone video functionality.

4./ is there any comprehensive video showing iPhone video on the cic?

5./ are there any device that could provide AV from the CIC to provide a video source for additional screens

6./ errmm, cant remember!

i know this is all about about AV stuff, mainly because my e46 was fully a loaded media centre for my family, my e92 has been a relative bored in comparison.

But thanks to all who have spent the time to read this
1. Yes, iPhone 4 and 4S will output video (limited to iPod Out)

2. I use a 3GS, but I do not use it as a hotspot,.. You can of course, carrier allowing(or not)

3. Video Out is part of 6NF, and you would need a combox, media snapin, and a 6NF cradle.. CIC only will not work. Yes, AUX/USB will be free if you retrofit 6NF.

4. No idea, search.

5. Hmmm, i would like to know too..

6. Try harder!! :-P