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First big complements to the best wheel shop ive ever been to Wheel Specialists, Inc in Tempe, AZ aka WSI if you have high end wheels just ship them to these guys to ensure no scratches or damage, or just move to AZ, haha. Ive had some HRE/Work nightmares with other shops.
Highend Center Mounting machine nothing touches the lips ever.
High end balancing machine sensors scan the wheel to find the lowest spots, makes a graphic image of the wheel on screen so the factory high spot in the tire where the rubber is fused together (factory marks this) is perfectly matched every time. No second and 3rd visits to get it right.

E90 335i - New FK452 stretched, side walls and ability to rotate are perfect for aggressive offsets, hella flush, neg camber applications. Price is also amazing at ~$160/tire ($890 mounted balanced, nitrogen).
Prior was conti extreme DW (discontinued) lasted about 30k miles, 2yrs (ran the rears backwards).
Pro for my Application: FK452 are a bit harder but will last much longer, and can rotate. I run -1.8 camber out back.

550i Msport
Before FK452 (symentrical so you can rotate them with dismounts) - Lots of road noise, but can theoretically last twice as long because you can use both sides of the tire when running neg camber.

Replaced yesterday with new FK453 about 100 miles on them now
275/30/19 and 245/35/19
Pro: These are smooth as butter. Soft, and quiet, grip. Complements bmw quality ride, wont track or jerk with grooves in the road. The price just cant be beat. Remind me of Mich PS2's at $550each.
All 4 with nitrogen mounted and balanced ($1050 -$80MIR)

CON: These tires are directional and cannot be rotated. Sidewall is more of a rounded fit not as hella flush friendly as a FK452 would be.
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