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Originally Posted by DetailersDomain View Post
do you have an orbital polisher handy?
No orbital polisher here - fortunately all my orbits appear to be fully polished.

I'm afraid I'm weak on the detailing - I keep her immacculate on the inside, but for me, she's a DD working gurl - I should call her Cinderella. She works so hard every day, she only stays clean for a few minutes at a time - basically the space between my hose and the highway on-ramp.

So I can't justify as much work on the outside as I wish I could - as long as the ghost disappears I'll be happy, but I have no fancy tools to keep her gleaming. I haven't noticed the ghost on the last few winter-washes (didn't check super-close as 5 minutes later I know she'll be covered in road-snot anyway), but will check again to see if it faded naturally; if not, once the snow finally melts I will try the "glass-slipper" rubbing fixes for her as above, until I find one that fits.