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Yes, def S65's are trash. We should leave them in junkyards and drive back in a N54-powered car. I don't know why race teams use S65 in their race cars. In ALMS BMW use S65 in their Z4! L O L They must be stupid that they replaced the almighty N54 with that weak engine. If they kept the N54 and spent $2000 in mods they would get a car with more WHP than what S65 makes at crank. That car would totally rock in a drag strip. Drivers would really enjoy the 10 second of not doing anything but mashing the pedal. Hell even they would be able to start in 2nd gear! because of that TQ down there. Can a S65 do that? Hell no. Who cares if up top the snails run out of breath honestly? N54 has TQ. We don't care if TQ has nothing to do with acceleration. Carol Shelby said TQ wins races, he must be right. Gearing? What's that? Sorry i didn't hear you... You said M3 puts more TQ to the ground due the gearing? Nonsense. I don't care if your car spins up to 8250RPM, with a $450 JB4 i can smoke your car....

Gentlemen, The N54 is a great engine. But talking down on the S65 just because it doesn't have the same tuning potential as the N54 is just silly. If you bought your cars because of tuning potential or how cheap aftermarket mods for your car are, you got the wrong car. LSx powered cars are for you. And as for the TQ, i invite to check both cars gear ratios and then decide which car makes more sensible torque.