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Originally Posted by p.chheng View Post
OP, Do you think that the V4;s are too bright compared to the V2's? I am going to be doing this mod to my car but I don't want AE that are too bright like the HID AE upgrades.

Do they look as bright in person as they do in the pictures or do they look less intense? The picture that you have in the garage seems like they are so bright that you can't even see the rings.

I like the V2's but the V4's are only $100 more and if they look better and not overwhelming than I would opt to buy the V4's.

I'll say one thing! DEF. GET THE V4s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They just look perfect!!! They are very bright but nothing like HIDs....
they are outstanding and you can see them very well during the day but they are not too bright where they blind you!
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