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Originally Posted by Kerr View Post is the most inaccurate site ever on the internet.

I've never known a car that people don't claim make more power on the rollers.

There must be the same claim for every single car in existence that they have far more power.

The question was remapped 335d v standard M135i and the real deal is there is just hairs to split.

Personally I wouldn't ever consider a 335d. Having had a shot now it isn't what I'd expect and delivers nothing what a petrol equivalent does.

Still no slouch in headline figures though.
But that's 2 with the same time... must just be a coincidence then
Once some owners start taking them down the pod, then real data will be there.. as if it isn't already!

I didn't say 'far more power' 20bhp though isn't to be sniffed at, I'm sure that was on evolves dyno.

Yes i know the original question was mapped v's standard, but standard versus standard was mentioned, and as i said (from experience) the M135 is faster.

The only things the d doesn't have the i has is.. revs and noise. (less tuning potential)
Standard for standard there's nothing in them pace wise.