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Woof... I just read the entire thread, hehehe... I'm convinced. I'll be getting the tune + Simon tool when the weather gets better here in my part of Canuckland. Seriously considering doing the 3-stage manifold too.

I have a couple of questions I didn't see answered:

1. You mention needing a laptop to sue with the Simon tool. Can a desktop PC be used too? I assume it's only for downloading and sending the file after reading the ECU?

2. Here, I can get non-ethanol 91 octane (Shell V-Power), or 10% ethanol 94 octane (Petro-Canada Gold which used to be Sunoco Gold) gas. Which would be the better choice to use with the tune? (Right now, I use Shell V-Power 91 exclusively).

3. Is clearing the adaptations absolutely necessary? If I don't (read: can't), will I still achieve the full potential of the tune?

Thanks for answering.