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Originally Posted by dcat151 View Post
Okay I found this solution in another thread and it's worked for me so far. When the mirror is extended all the way (to the incorrect position) and the other mirror is in its proper position, take your hand and pull the incorrect mirror all the way back in to the folded in position. Then press the button to fold the mirrors in. Press the button again and the mirrors should both reset to the proper folded out position.

I have no idea how long this fix will last, but so far so good.


I found your forum through this post.

I bought a used 335i 2007 off the nissan dealership in Ajax for a very fair price, low km, but it had the mirror issue on passenger side window.

Following the above post, it fixed my passenger mirror.

There is actually a TSB from BMW on something called the phantom mirror or mirror positioning in weird random positions when you click lock button on key... and the solution to that if you google it has to do with corroded wiring in the mirror housing. So there is a guide online somewhere where you just open the housing and clean the wires, reoil, then that should resolve your issue!

Thanks again and take care everyone!