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Originally Posted by dk79 View Post
check out my post in the 0 to 60 time in awd section page 5. I posted a link to real time testing of various devices and g timer is pretty accurate. it was actually 0.1-0.2 sec slower in the 1/4 mile. so the actual numbers will be 12 or below to 1/4 mile.
I will definitely take my car to the drag strip once it opens in april or may.

also the traps are 114.5mph due to very aggressive launch of awd cars. if i wud launch in 2nd gear then my 1/4 will suffer by .1-.2 sec but will gain more mph maybe 116-117.

I had a rwd 335i coupe before this one and with exactly same mods and cobb map I could not do better than 12.5 at 115, also my best 0 to 60 had been 4.1.

awd cars are amazing coz u get the same results everytime.
that's why gtr, rs4, rs6, s6, s7, s8 and now the new e63 amg are awd.
I had a g-timer, I compared it myself at the track and with the vbox, the point of that article is that they are not accurate not that they are always going to read slower. My g-timer was low, others on this site were high. They are great for tuning and testing your car against itself because they can be somewhat consistent, but not so much against other cars.

Launching in 2nd gear is not a sure bet at higher traps, I tested this thoroughly one night with over 50 runs (half of which were in 2nd gear, half in 1st) I can tell you that the traps were very close to each other. Unless you're spinning like crazy the traps should be almost the same, with the 2nd gear launch coming in .1 to .15 lower ET even with the worse 60' time. This is because the shift is ~.3s and generally 1st gear launches have .1 to .15 lower 60' time. I would HIGHLY recommend you don't launch in 2nd though, it will burn up your 2nd gear clutch packs in no time. I was the first one to do the 2nd gear launch on the XI and even at 370whp it was too much for the trans. With the Alpina trans flash, there should be no advantage to a 2nd gear launch any longer.

AWD is great, but 335xi AWD is nothing compared to GTR or the Audi system. We've got a shit-ton of weight and drag on our setup because it wasn't designed for road racing OR drag racing. X-Drive from BMW was not meant for performance, it was meant to sell cars to people that want traction in the snow

115mph traps is good for a high 11, take the rear seat and passenger seat out if you go to the strip, it's worth .1 to .15 or so (also keep fuel under 1/4 tank). 11.8 you will need to get 116-117mph traps and a < 1.6x 60' time.