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Originally Posted by sluggo1246 View Post
I'd be interested if it were not for two things:

I don't want to lose the HDC function. I might not use it much (if at all) but I want the choice not to use it.

I have a big problem with the edges of the climate control protruding from the dashboard. I do not think it is an installation problem but it is a matter of clearance (or lack thereof) in the place where the climate control is moved to.

While it might seem that these are minor issues, lets say that many BMW owners are particular about their cars and these nagging problems are deal breakers. If I'm going to go aftermarket and have it look that way (which I would never do) why would I choose something that gets it only partially right? If I want the OEM look, I want it to look just like an OEM option...not one with sharp protruding edges and lost functionality. If those are adequately addressed...please PM me the GB price as I am all in. If not fixed, Ill pass on this good, albeit lacking attempt at OEM.
Hi sluggo, thanks for your interest!
Our unit can't support the HDC function, hope you can understand.
About the fitting issue, as you can see, it doesn't happen for every customer, it has something to do with the installation itself.

Anyway, I'm sending you the PM with GB price then, hope you like!
And welcome to buy in the future!