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Exclamation New codes!!! F*** Me.... More problems

What's going on everybody?
Well here is a quick run down of what happened and why I'm tripping balls right now . This past weekend, I was leaving from a small car meet and the traditional way that mostly everyone leaves is by doing a small burnout, to display their car's power or lack off, as they exit. Normally, I just cruise through and give people a head nod and go on about my way, but that night I was like eff it... I've put a few things on the ride and I haven't really pushed the car, being in Germany, and having this extended winter, so I was pretty much following the crowd. So as I started to burnout from the exit area, my wheels started spinning and at the same time my boost gauge (JB4 boost hack) maxed out on the oil pressure gauge and when I finally caught traction the car just started pulsating. The service engine light popped up, as I came up to the traffic light, and it seemed as if the car wanted to cut off. Imeditaely, I started panicking and sh****** bricks because this was the first time the car actually had any problems and I was also thinking of how much I would have to pay incase something did mess up . So as I was driving, I could hear the exhaust making a weird sound and hear the bov release pressure as I barely pressed on the gas. Freaking out the whole way back to my gf's house, all of a sudden, the service light turned off and the car went back to normal . So I recently turned off the auto clear function, from the JB4, to check the codes and this is what I have :

2C7F Lambda probe behind catalytic converter 2, trimm control
2C6A No Description Found
2C6C Lambda probe behind catalytic converter 2, system check
29F4 Catalytic converter conversion

I know about the two codes for the downpipes, but the other two I couldn't find anything about. Is this something to worry about or can I go on about my way and turn the auto clear function back on?
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