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Yep. N54 rules all and S65 sucks. You all win. Happy?? I'm happy with my low low tq and that stupid high revving engine. What a shitty sound it makes. I mean what was the M division thinking making this stupid track car? Why??? Stupid idiots. I should have picked the superior, cheap and easy to modify engine!! Oh well, I guess I will live with's only a stupid M3. I mean it's not what the ultimate driving machine is.... The ultimate driving machine is a straight 6 with 2 snails right? Go drive it and then come back.
Not saying that it's not a great car, it is but you people basr everything on daily driving, low end tq, and easily modifiable engine, NOT driving pleasure. I'll take that over fast straight line monster any day. My 335 never put a smile on my face from driving it as much as my M3 puts just walking to it. That's what it's about, not fast. If fast is what I wanted, would have bought a civic and put a big ass turbo in it and smoked every 335i, M3, Ferrari....etc

Peace I'm out.…
As you allude to up top, you don't need others to justify your choice in BMWs. Your "M" badge is an iconic reminder of the best BMW has to offer, recognizable worldwide as something very special. Do you think the 335I(S) is? Nope! The M4 is just the next step into the evolution, that you will probably take part in as well. For as the saying goes, once an M buyer...!
I know! I bought this car for me for many reasons, not just because it is an M3. I got it because the days of NA v8s are almost gone, at least when it comes to BMW. I got it because it was my dream car next to a porsche 959 (too rich for my blood) and it's a grocery getter. The 335 and 335is are amazing cars for many reasons but for ME, I got it because it is the last of its kind. It's special (to me) not because it does turns, but because its an icon just like the n54.
Why can't we all just enjoy our cars and pick on mustangs and audis.
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