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Originally Posted by soupey View Post
Just tried to wire up the metra adapter as diagrammed and I can't get the damn thing to work. It turns down the volume on my pioneer hu during the automatic setup process but then nothing works. Is metra supposed to be compatible with all e90's?
If it is hooked up the correct way (as shown in the diagram), to get your buttons to work you have to reset your ASWC so the next time you turn it on it will auto discover your buttons and radio. Turn your car on, immediately after, repeatedly press your volume up button on your steering wheel for 10-15 seconds while its auto detecting (this is also mentioned in the ASWC manual). This is what I had to do to get the ASWC to recognize my steering wheel buttons. Auto detect mode without doing this will result in the radio being recognized and the steering wheel buttons not working (happened to me too!). When I had a pioneer headunit the volume would go down a couple of notches when the ASWC does its auto detection mode so I think that part was normal.
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