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Originally Posted by sohcpunk View Post
Not bad but I do see swirls....
The swirls you see are int he before pictures, they are out of order.

Caveat - I had Finest applied to my vehicle by Kevin from GTA In Detail also. I am also a huge geek and did a ton, like, an absolutely insane amount of research prior to going with Finest. I think I have a very good grasp on how it works, especially after speaking with the US distributor/one of the chemists.

Finest *WILL NOT* fill in marring, even micro marring, of any sort. Not even a little. It will fill it while it is flashing; once flashed it will not. It self levels like all the other coatings on the market. Everyone I spoke to stressed the importance of the prep work.

Finest has a much higher content of SI than regular cQuartz. That means it is more hydrophobic, lasts longer, is slicker, and, unfortunately is not as forgiving to apply. That is why it is pro only (that and the warranty) - it isn't just the prep, it is the fact that it requires an IR light to cure, or cure overnight, as well as two to three thick coats, buffed off at precise intervals. If you want to DIY, the product to use is more certainly opti coat 2.0 - it is very easy to use and requires almost no cure time.

I don't think anyone mentioned the warranty - at least in Canada, currently, Finest is the only product with a tangible (and quite decent) warranty. That is part of why Carpro requires it to be applied professionally; so they know it is applied correctly.

I've had it on my car for 7 weeks, a short time, I know, but it is doing exactly what I hoped. The car is staying cleaner longer, it is easier to clean, it looks amazing, and more importantly it is harder for me to swirl it up.

I really did spend a lot of time deciding to do this and I am glad I did. It was sort of a bummer to pick up an m3 used and feel like it was used and abused. Now it is perfect; feels like I bought a brand new car.