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Originally Posted by ny325 View Post
OKC, is a championship calliber team, and one of the better teams Miami beat. Clippers, I feel are more of an entertaining team with all the high flying CP3 to Griffin dunks, and lack defense. Lakers are just that, streaky. That doesn't make them good. They have a center that plays soft, that should dominant teams. Kobe is all they really have to make them competitive. Grizzlies are a nice team, but do you seriously think they can win a championship? Boston, like you said are PLAYING better without Rondo. But is Boston a Better TEAM without Rondo? I say no. Rondo played well last season against Miami in the playoffs. When they play the Spurs, they will probably be without Parker. So they beat 5 respectable teams, and 18 bad teams, that's why this streak does not impress me, it validates my opinion.
18 bad teams? When did beating 12 playoff teams being consider bad teams?

A list of all the teams the Heat beat.

Rockets, Clippers, Lakers, Thunder, Hawk, Bull, Grizzlies, Knick, Pacer, Hawk, Bucks, Celtics

They beat 11 playoff different playoff teams and there is only 16 playoff team in the NBA.. I guess the whole NBA are filled with bad teams then, except for the Heat.