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Hi Makkan, need some help.....

I'm struggling to find recent versions of BMW tools anywhere online. I only need INPA at this stage. (5.02+)

I can find lots of 2009/2010/2011 links to older verisions. (this one in particular crops up all the time)

I downloaded that one yesterday, all 650MB of it, it's supposed to include INPA5.02, but its all in German and doesn't have any models at all on the INPAloader screen, the files are all dated 2004 with some 2006 updates. The update instructions don't match what is in the downloaded file folders either.

The ones that came with my lead says "INPA 5.00" in the loader title bar, which doesn't even have half the E90 engines (no N54 etc)

I can't find any basics on how the software is structured, ie. is INPA the vehicle database, or is it the EDIABAS files behind it? When people refer to INPA 5.xx do they mean just the loader, or additional files too?

Any advice or links?

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