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Oops !

Was awaiting stock of perf splitter replacements to arrive and teddy to organise pick up, and this happened,

Mailed teddy to tell him of the run in, more out of courtesy than anything, and I'm hoping it won't be a problem. To me the spoiler is scrap, I mean look at the fitment/ quality!?

Bit concerned when he replied he was going to get it re laquered! I certainly wouldnt of fancied buying this one ( even before the run in with my gym equipment in the garage, doh!)

Sure Teddy wouldn't have resold it. Anyway fingers crossed this dosnt make a difference to my situation. Removed it and looks better without I think?!

I will add perf splitters ( hopefully from teddy as planned!), if not 2nd hand oem.

Particularly boring update but fitted new front jacking blocks, not sure where they go but my 335d had some missing to!

Been a few weeks running odd roundels but decided on cf white / silver so fitted the matching pair. Keeps a more oem feel than the all black ones I think.

Fitted my rear m3 badge. Looking at my rear roundel think its a front! I've got so many laying around no sure which one goes where now! Anyone confirm what size a rear e92 rear roundel is?

And very pleased with my side vent badges. Was going to pull of the original ones but as I have carbon covers it was recessed. Gave me the idea of sticking over top. Really pleased as makes the covers look much better.

Had a look at my remote retractable front flip plate but think I'll get my friend to look at that one for me!

And my stud conversion and polarised nuts.

You dont actually see much of the bolts, just the tops. Studs will stick through a bit. Will wait until the bbs arrive before I fit these. Picked up 2 new 265,30 20 for the rears. Will swop the fronts of current 20s as brand new.