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Originally Posted by Dkhan23 View Post
Lol lebron fans always bring Jordan into conversations when will you learn?

"Wont you score more points, get more rebounds, and get more assist if you play more playoff games?" You just ended the convo. Peace
Learn what? What is wrong with bringing MJ into the conversation? We all know MJ is the greatest player that played the game and he won his first championship at 28 also.

Won't you use more gas if you drive more? That is what your comparison is based on. Kobe played more playoff games than Lebron when they were at age 28. Lebron didn't even make the playoffs with his shitty Cavs team for the first few season.

Peace? Leaving your own thread?

Originally Posted by Rukuss View Post
Did he rape someone? I never heard that......

Originally Posted by ~XxPornxX~ View Post
ehh might as well throw this in here, get yo freak asss athletic body outa here....he just raped lebron.

where the hell have you been? talk smack about Lebron and barely reply to any of my responses and come back and put up a stupid GIF of Kobe blocking Lebron?