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Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
lol how dare you introduce facts and logic into this thread?! everyone knows that we don't do that in Kobe jock sniffer land

anyway, to be fair - Lebron wins in most meaningful statistic categories in terms of career averages, MVP's, Olympic medals (by a bronze) and All NBA first teams (they are tied but Lebron has done as much in a shorter career)

Kobe wins in championships, scoring titles, dunk contest wins, all-NBA defensive teams and rape indictments

they are about the same in All star appearances if you adjust for length of career
Rape? You mean the unstable schizophrenic lady who lied to dectives and her bosses throughout the whole trial, and also was in the hospital couple months before because she was schizophrenic, and also the same lady that showed up to do the rape kit with another mans pubic hair and another mans jizz stain, and to top it off she refused to testify wasting a couple hundred grand in taxpayer money. Throughout the case she told lies on top of lies. Yeah they had sex but rape? No.