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Originally Posted by ASAP View Post
I am not buying these numbers from even a mile away...

Agreed 100%. I think the CA pay is probably pretty close, but I ran the minimum pay he listed for the following number of employees:

5 CA's (70k each)
2 Finance mgers (150k each)
1 Finance Director (250k)
1 SM (280k)
1 GSM (300k)
1 GM's (600k)

That's nowhere near reality of course, as it doesn't include SA's, mechanics, secretaries, etc., but even just those few folks above is over $2 mil a year in PAYROLL ALONE!!!

If they make $3,000 profit on every car they sell (not likely), that dealership would have to sell 693 cars a year to cover just that handful of employees! That's only 2 cars a day, 7 days a week for an entire year. Not impossible, but again, that's no dealer profit, that does't pay ANYONE else, that doesn't even keep the lights on!

I'm calling complete bullshit right now.