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Originally Posted by ~XxPornxX~ View Post
Youre trying to salvage your existing tires in hopes to achieve aggressive fit without rub? thats asking for the impossible. im running 235.35 and 275.30 rears now and they rub like crazy.

everyone has their own perspective with whats aggressive and whats not and whatevers borderline.
Your typical flush setup is a 9/10 +25/25 and running a 275.30 is impossible esp on PSS, unless you raised the rear. If youre against stretch then youre going to rub with a true aggressive wheel setup.

Your best bet would be to sell those tires and make way for something new and cool or else they would hold you back on landing a aggressive set of wheels. My best advice to you or anyone would be to find a photo of a look that inspires you, find out how much camber youre willing to run, your budget and the intended application and ill spec out a set that meets the criteria.

well said