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Originally Posted by SickStroke6.0
Originally Posted by R.G. View Post
Anybody have the Alpina flash done showing improved times
This will be my next upgrade.

Originally Posted by nailer335 View Post
Just wait until you add meth to the already well established addiction...

I've had my car down for about a month now and have been in a 328i and I'm going through boost/meth withdrawals every time I try to jam on it. It sucks... Think I may have another long term "bad habit"
BMW 2.2 gallon integrated methanol injection kit is on the list... Just need to find some time to order and install it. We have a 2006 325i as well, and it is just plain gutless. 0-60 in maybe 7 seconds.
I've got it done Sick and it'll shave some tenths off your time
The shifts are lightning quick
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