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Originally Posted by Phil335 View Post
What do you use to clean it? I have the same color and it could be a pain to clean and keep clean sometimes
This wasn't as clean as I anticipated.. My front bumper is all nicked from people bumping into me and rear bumper is scratched in the corner after someone turned to sharp. It's really hard to maintain black paint and I always find my car looks dirty compared to others. Here in Montreal Canada, the streets are so bad and dusty that after 5 minutes of driving, the car is already full of dust What I do to make it look as good as possible is:
-wash it down with some car soap (2 bucket method if it's really dirty)
-Use soap and water and clay the whole car (paint needs to be lubricated while claying, soap and water from the wash mitt will do just fine) claying takes out a lot of particles that you won't see but will make a huge difference in making the paint smooth. Make sure to rinse while claying, or the dirt will just settle back on the paint.
-Rinse the car again and dry it.
-I then polish the car with a smooth polish, I usually use a compound on my front bumper since I get a bunch of crap from the roads.
-Then wax the whole car: I use meguires gold or wtv it's called. Apply it, leave it settle a bit and then wipe it off with a micro fibre.
I usually find the car looks better after the next wash because it gets rid of all the residue left from the wax.
Hope it helps, I probably missed some points but don't hesitate to pm.
Originally Posted by boris View Post
Beauty of a car. Pics are a little dark, but great none the less.

Just curious, how many miles are on your 335?
Thanks, yes pictures need to be edited, don't know anything about photoshop ahah! Around 35k miles on the car
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