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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
You guys are all so concerned about the White House being closed for visitors. How do you folks feel about the working poor having the rug pulled out from under them due to cuts from the sequester? Such as maybe 100,000 homeless people losing their assistance. How about 70,000 children losing the assistance they receive from the Head Start program? What about the 125,000 families that struggle with their meager incomes and have to take assistance from the government for their rent?

Nope, you guys apparently don't care one bit about those people, otherwise you would have brought that up. Nope, instead you guys just regurgitate yet another talking point from your lords over @ Fox News. Have to say, I am not surprised at all.

Really, what of your scenario has actually occurred? Just checking. Won't even ask you to tell me about how successful these programs have been at actually fixing a problem, lowering the numbers of participants, accomplishing their mission.

And whining about Fox news and using words like "regurgitate" is just so trite. It doesn't score any points any more.