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Hi Everyone! This is my first time on this website and have a question? Where do I go to ask these questions regarding a 2013 BMW 335is Coupe? I have previously leased a new 2007 328i Sedan and now curently drive a 335i Coupe. I am now considering to build a 2013 335is Coupe and would like to find answers to a couple questions?

1) Why does BMW require the BMW Assist Package when you buy the Premium Sound Package? I plan on getting the HK sound system but don't understand that in order to get that, you have to get the Assist along with it which means additional cost.
2) What is the primary function of the top "hazy" section that runs along the top of the front xenon headlights? I do like the look.
3) Why are the front headlights still round in shape on the 2013 is coupe model but the other models like the sedan and convertible are now sporting the newer squarer shape which I was told is suppose to give the cars a more aggresive look.
4) If I don't get the Premium Package, can you still dim the lights in the interior and exterior mirrors? Also, without the "PP", can the exterior mirrors still be automatically folded in? I've had my two previous models loaded with options but this time around since I am starting a small business, I need to reduce cost.I have still added the 19" performance tires/rims, 7 speed DC transmission, black sapphire paint, premium sound and comfort access. Any advice on which forum I might be able to get answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated!