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Originally Posted by nightwarrior View Post
I have a few questions regarding this unit.

-As I live in Belgium, I believe I need the D5114E. Surprisingly, I cannot find this unit on What is the reason?

-A question of more concern; will this unit fit my dash? What happens with my 'disable start-stop' button?

-As some users mentioned before, they had to cut wires in order to get this working? Where is the plug & play part? I have the base stereo option with no amplifier in the trunk. Does this also apply to me?

-Could I still keep my Bury C9060 Music working?
Hi nightwarrior, thanks for your interest! Here are the answers to your questions:
- You should see this link now: Now it's out of stock, but it'll be available soon today or tomorrow.

- Yes I've asked our tech checked your dash, it can fit your car. But I'm not sure what's the 'disable start-stop' button you're talking about, is it one of the buttons in your steering wheel?

- For the installation, you don't need to modify the wiring yourself, it's just plug and play. Some guy has modified it a little bit afterwards since they want to make the auto-memory function work, but this issue does not happen in every car, it all depends.

- Theoretically it should work with your Bury C9060.

Welcome to buy our D5114 then, thanks!

Originally Posted by Weagantd View Post
Are your screens capacitive or resistive touch specifically the d5114cu
Hi Weagantd, the sreen is resistive touch screen, but very responsive!

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