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Originally Posted by sle39lvr View Post
I have a 08 328i with around 80K miles. I got this CPO after 45K miles.

I have posted on here few years ago that, compared to similar loaner cars I've driven, my engine feels a little sluggish. Overall it feels like a heavier, lazy car. The biggest let down is lower MPG's. 2-3 mpg's less than the loaner cars from my testing.

I've been doing 7K-10K oil changes and always fill up with Chevron 91 octane.

I know the sludge issue is common on turbo engines, but should I look in to engine sludge? The dealer has a injector clean up service around $300, should I look in to that? Or goto an indie shop to get it cleaned the correct way?
I've used this a few times in my N52 before and the car seemed a bit snappier than before.

Maybe could help with your issue?
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