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DD, what is your email? I have some graphs that I'd like for you to post from Carsten. I don't have time to upload them this morning as I'm taking my car to get the suspension work done on it. This is what Carsten e-mailed me, minus the graphs:

Hello John,

Attached you will find the Flow Comparison OEM vs. our 335d IC, based on
Pressure drop.

The test run was made with a SF-1020. We used Port Flow Analyzer 3.5 as
The Software works that way:

We have to set like 8 different target Pressure points, in that case inch
per Water. We actually converted these to PSI on the Sheet.

The Graphs also includes the Pressure drop that the Piping and the adapter
is building up.

Please note, this is the flow of the full cooler, not just the core!

The Main restriction is caused due the in and outlets. I have also attached
a CFM Flow analyses, there you can see the bottleneck.

We have seen claims from some of our competition in the past with a Pressure
drop of 0.5psi at 600-1000cfm. Something like that is just not possible,
even not if the core is fully empty.

Our goal is always to have 10-15% less Pressure drop then the OEM Unit. On
some coolers, like our Porsche intercoolers we have the same Pressure drop
as the OEM unit, but we reach 20° less IAT.

I hope that helps a little bit...

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best Regards

Carsten Wagner