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The C5-400cm looks like they would work just fine. Ignore the JL grille, it won't be installed in this case, so the speaker only has 41 mm depth.

I did some reading and while there are few reviews of this particular driver, I found one of the prominent audiophiles on another forum give it very high marks, plus the 653 component set where these mids are used also have very good reviews, which leads me to believe that these are actually very good candidates for replacement midrange speakers for our cars. Just keep in mind that using this driver would require the use of crossovers (external or built-in, in amps or digital signal processors), with the ability to band-pass these drivers between say 200 and 4500 Hz), and the addition of a tweeter set. If I didn't already have some very good midrange speakers installed, I'd be willing to give these a try!
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