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Myself and my partner went to these guys to look at a couple of 320d's and to be honest i wish we hand not bothered. I am 24 and my partner is 23, they treated us like utter sh*t because in their eyes we didn't look like we could afford the cars we were looking at. (which we could) Moment we walked in we were decended upon by about 5 steriotypical bmw salesman (ie the sort of people that would wander round with a bluetooth earpiece in and think its cool).

As we walked in it was a case of getting sussed out financially before you even get a look at a car. Utter bonkers in my opinion, as as a customer you should always get to see a product before money is even questioned. You have to want a car, not qualify to buy one.

Anyway we had a look at some of the vehicles that they have and everywhere i looked was horror stories. High milage with silly prices. One car had a bald tyre, and another had a full re-spray down one side which looked dreadful. I wouldnt be surprised if there was a few cat d losses in there. Another thing that they try and do is supply a lesser model with nice alloy wheels from a model above. We saw a non m sport diesel with m sport refurbed wheels. How on earth you get that on insurance i will never know.

My opinion crooks, and anyone who buys a car from there is missing a screw.