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Originally Posted by Route 16 View Post
I did injector clean up with the dealer last year at about 55k miles, it was about the same price $300, MPG rose from 400 miles per tank to 420 miles per tank with the same type of driving habits. But did not notice performance increase, still stock idles. Sluggish could be spark, coils, clear adaptations, maybe a tune up with AA. Try inserting your key, turn on the start/stop button (DO NOT press the brake to turn on the engine) instead press the gas all the way down for 30 seconds, you may or may not hear sounds from the radio head unit area to reset throttle setting. Turn off car, wait a minute or 2 I think, then drive around, warm up, red line it safely for a few miles. See if that works.
I ran BMW Fuel treatment many times. I do like Lucas one quiet a bit where it makes the engine smooth and start nicer.

I tried the tranny reset where first few times it made nice changes, but now when I try it, almost unnoticeable.