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Originally Posted by Serjames View Post
hmm ok.

On the tracker bit I ordered this through BMW, I guess this must just get franchised out then.

I also believe Assist is now a free option... certainly got is as a no cost on mine ?

Anyone else ?

Just had a response from google.. see below


I imagine this is down to a partnership between us and BMW/Mercedes together with the advertisers to drive traffic through the website whilst minimising cost. Hence at the moment it would only be a business listing because the advertiser would be charged, and that cost would either be picked up 100% or a significant percentage by us or us and BMW/Mercedes. The revenue from the advertiser is likely to cover some or all of the mobile cost of the SMS...

If we can get a better deal with the mobile providers this could expand to the non-business listings although the work around is probably to use the SEND TO function and pick up email on your phone (download Google Mail for mobile) and then just type it in by hand.

I would say that there are some very cool things happening with our stuff and mobile products over the next 6 months (even if you don't have GPS on it) so I imagine this will be getting better...the My Maps feature and mapplets together with the mashup community are probably going to provide a make shift answer before we officially launch anything.

BMW's Telematics division provide Assist free for the first 6 months only, then charge for it, if you want to carry on with the subscription.

Tracker is fitted by dealers & they act as a franchise provider.

The youtube video, in my first post, talks about BMW Mobile as well, where you can have the car send its GPS position to your mobile, if you don't know where it is, for some strange reason?!

There are going to be quite a lot of 'internet meets BMW' over the next few years. Having Google as a part of it just makes things even more interesting!

All the best.

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