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Originally Posted by GoRomeo View Post
Ok cool, I need to try this since I neve done it.
Pretty much works if you drive like a grandma but since I have some spirited driving once in a while, the ecu already knows how you drive so it could be where it's at before the reset, that's what happened to me. Since I didn't do this when I first got the car, I didn't try this until after a whole year, didn't notice anything.

Originally Posted by sle39lvr View Post
I ran BMW Fuel treatment many times. I do like Lucas one quiet a bit where it makes the engine smooth and start nicer.
I tried the tranny reset where first few times it made nice changes, but now when I try it, almost unnoticeable.
There's 2 resets, throttle is what we can do with the key and pedals but tranny has to be reset by a OBD port tool. Exactly which Lucas product? Do you pour all that in or half bottle and half tank?