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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
This is the only spec that matter of that mid:

Ideally, a mid with a bandwith that starts at or less than 100Hz would be a much better mid to use in BMW's.

With 300hz mids the woofers will have to cover all the way to, or slightly above, 300Hz. That would not be a problem at all if the woofers were mounted in the front doors, but they are underseat in our cars.
The FS is 124Hz which is quite normal for a 4. I'm sure you can comfortably play this down to 150Hz as long as you use steep slopes. No need to go lower than that anyway, you'd be fighting the laws of physics. The 300Hz number may stem from the crossover setting of the 3-way crossover where this driver is normally used, and/or the manufacturer is just being over-cautious.
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