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Update: Worked for me!

I was one of those having problems connecting my T-Mobile RAZR v3 to my car's bluetooth connection (06 325i, Sport/Premium/Steptronic/non-iDrive.) My car's build date was 09/05. I had it in yesterday for the SW update which so far at least, has allowed my phone to work flawlessly. I was also able to pair and connect with my wife's phone (also a T-Mobile RAZR v3.) I've now got both phones paried and both can connect, although not at the same time of course. My phone's first in the list and if both phones are on and in range, the car connects with mine.

The paperwork from the dealer showed the exact TID mentioned above as well as the update to the same CIP version mentioned.

On a side note, when I went to pick up my car, it wouldn't start. Turned out to be something about the programming "invalidated" my key fob for my car. Took the tech about two minutes to fix it.

Also, I haven't noticied any other changes with the options available in the car's computer as I did have to go through and reset all the options to the way I had them (i.e., lock/unlock signals, ...)