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Omfg my car just did it today for the first time, it did it twice within 5 minutes. Mine is an 08 328i w/ 55K miles. The first time it happens I thought the car was choking (I was going about 30mph) so l pulled over and shut down the engine, waited for 1 minute and start it back up again and drive about a mile and it does it again, scares the shit out of me. So then l pulled over the second time and sits for about 5 minutes and it went away. I searched and people said it might be due to dirty injector so l went a bought a bottle of Chevron injector cleaner additive and poured it in. Will see if it will goes away!! Fucking A hole. I didn't pay good money for this $h!t .. My girlfriend 2008 IS 350 already has 90K miles on it with no problems. Wtf is wrong with Bimmer