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Originally Posted by badgerballer View Post
I'm a newbie and attempting to do this retrofit. So this forum has been super helpful and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has posted. I've got just about everything done except the mic pins behind the glovebox. I cannot for the life of me get the pins to come out of the connector. Anyone have any suggestions of how to get those pins to come out? It doesn't seem like they go to a second position and then they come out. I can't get them to move at all. Also, as a FYI I have the exact same options and same year of BMW 335i as lazd. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I don't have a picture, but they have a metal flange that springs out to catch a cutout on the plastic housing. Push down on the exposed metal on the side of the connector housing for the pin you want, and pull back. Like a normal backpack buckle without convenient handles.